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Grass Maintenance

Apart from general regular maintenance on artificial grass surfaces it is necessary during the life of synthetic grass surfaces to carry out other non-routine works to ensure the prolonged life of the area and a safer environment for the users. At Florida Bamboo Forum we are able to provide these services using the latest technology with precision engineering tools to ensure your artificial grass stays clean, safe and longer life of your grass due to our innovative maintenance machines..


Precision Engineering Maintenance to Rejuvenate Artificial Grass Surfaces.

The AG3 Florida Bamboo Forum Precision Maintenance Cleaner is for detailed cleaning of all debris including dust and small particles on all artificial grass surfaces.

Efficient cleaning and maintenance is an extremely important factor on your artificial grass surface. Not only for preserving playing characteristics and ensuring a long service life for the artificial grass; an even, level playing surface also reduces the risk of injury to players to a minimum. The precision AGC3 maintenance Series is a simple and effective solution for the enjoyment of sport and preserving the value of smaller playing areas with filled surfaces (sand and sand/rubber). With this artificial grass maintenance machine we can remove dust and dirt particles of all kinds and it is ideal above all where there is little room to move, for example stairs, steps and narrow doorways make access to the synthetic grass playing areas difficult.

Give us a call today to discuss what type of maintenance you need on your artificial grass surface. You will be surprised of our rates and can service just about anywhere in Australia.

Come see how your tired old tennis court, basketball court or school playing areas can be rejuvenated with our superior artificial grass maintenance machines.

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