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Grass Maintenance

Florida Bamboo Forum sports artificial grass blades set the standard for the resilience and performance on sports surfaces. Commercial quality artificial grass blades that look and feel great and will also stand up to any intensive play

Many applications and services are available for all types of sports surfaces such as golf, tennis courts, football ovals, soccer ovals, hockey fields, basketball courts and any other outdoor grass activities. Realistic looking strands, UV stabilized agents, lead free and anti-skin burning artificial grass materials are some of our superior qualities we supply in our artificial grass products.

There are two main artificial grass surfaces to cover all types of outdoor commercial sports and playing areas. They can be defined as the 20mm "Hardcourt Series" and 50mm "Natural Series". Please refer below for more specifications and uses of our quality endorsed artificial grass surfaces.


Artificial Grass Range: Natural Series 50mm

DTEX: Ms Pro 12800

Pile Height: 50mm

  • Gauge: 5/8 Inch or 3/8 Inch
  • Stitch Rate: 15 stitches/10cm
  • Density: 10500 stitches/m2
  • Product Type: AG-626a Natural Series
  • Application: Landscaping, Football Ovals, Multi sport Courts, Playgrounds, Baseball fields, Rugby Ovals and all other outdoor activities.
    Fibre: Polyethylene 12800 Dtex Monofilament fibre.
    Colours: Double colour of peak green and emerald green.
    Comments: UV stabilized, looks natural with good softness. Wear and skin burning resistance with strong stability of muscular joints and lead free.

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